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Well, this account just for commenting on LJ for now. I love The Sims 2 and 3 so much, cats, and supernatural things, such as vampire (but not really a fan of Twilight), magic, and fairies.

Just wishing someday I could make some CC for The Sims 2 by myself. Well,we'll see... =p

And my favorite gifs:



My Newest Sim, Hikari

I got a new sim from Anubis' Blog, her name is Hikari. She's so cute and adorable~!! I love her so, she's one of my favorite sims now =DD
Thank you so much for Anubis who made her and LemonLeaf who made her skin~!! xD
Her name is Hikari Sakurazaka in my game, and her traits are; Lucky, Friendly, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic, and-and... and  I forget one more trait, hehheh.... 

The other version of her that I named Allena:


The Sims 3 I'm Back~!

I've been playing The Sims 3 again, lately. It's so much fun, I love the customization and all. But the game is rather slow with many custom contents, sigh....
I'm hoping that it would loads faster, but I can't toss away my CCs, they're too precious for me! x3
And still wishing that I could play Pets and Generations as well, but my hard drive is almost full.....  >__<
I'll stick to TS3 for awhile now~! ^^

Btw, today is my mother's B'day~! =D


Urgh.... =S

GOS banned me permanently..!! I got 4th warning, this all because my cousin login to GOS when she's using my computer, so they thought I have 2 accounts. The other warnings are because trivial things too, I didn't do anything big, though...  x<

I'm new to the sims community and they're being too much and have too many rules, suck.... How could I remember all the rules, and to be honest reading so many rules is boring...! I'm offended to be honest... 


My Favorite Sims; Ferrisa & Hunter

I have 2 old shared sims on Simscave, but since SC isn't active for awhile now (my condolences for Rosie a.k.a 6akalaka), so I want to share them here. Maybe somebody want to download them and find them useful for their neighborhood =)



Hunter McCain:



I'm sorry no non-CC free version, since I'm using my old links.


Rubyna Applewhite

Rubyna Applewhite is one of my favorite sims. She's born in-game and the second of quadruplets, her twin brother that was born before her is Rilian (after Rilian on Narnia), and her other twins are Rebecca and Rodrick (after Rodrick on Diary of the Wimpy Kid).
Rubyna is a teen and I love taking her pictures lately.